Tough Hatch

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Battle ready EK Hatchback. Canards, GT Wing and aggressive overall look. Buddyclub P1 wheels too.

Love it!



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So i spotted this, thanks to Hugo-Bro. One civic that makes me smile

Like? visit the photog’s Flickr too – HERE

Z THis?

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Old Z on Hayashi Streets? A match made in Heaven as usual

Zenki Bro’s Unite

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My 2 favorite Zenki’s both of which are part of the Ganador Gentleman’s Club.

Power mOve‘s Zenki


Blog buddy Nate of Nate*Life. BN Type 4, VS-KF’s.

Love Y’all from a-far!


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Dousan’s car back in it’s PRIME. SS aero, Volk TE-37’s and a 326 Power wing. The wing and kit…dude was one the first ones to have them here in the US


Dousan when he had his BN Aero and SSR Minerva’s. IMO the 326 Power wing looked better with the BN


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The One-Via of all One-Via’s

Probably some of the most posted famous pictures on the internet.

What your looking at is 240SX Coupe. With Sexy-Style aero….wait, SS was only made for Hatches right? WRONG. Dude made it work, and he was one of the Firsts to rock the SS kit on a Coupe. SSR Minerva’s and tucking front and rear top it off.

Mind you, these pics are from 2009……haha


Let’s Start

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K. so. You’ve heard of Sexy-Style aero correct? NO? READ THIS FIRST

Anyway. I need to add some nice cars to this blog. so why not

Drift-Faction and their Sexy-Style equipped Hatch. Blitz 03’s, Kouki Wing and tuck front and rear complete the look.

More To COME!