Chicago’s Own

So, if your a follower of this blog you know that i’m from Chicago but i go to school here in Texas. Well, I’d like to introduce you guys to something that makes me proud to be from Chi-Town

The 3 hottest street Civics I’ve ever laid my eyes on

First is my friend Mico’s Civic Si

All stock Si, OEM Aero and lots of low thanks to Omni-Power coilovers

Next is Nick’s car, a EK, not an Si though

BYS Front Bumper, OEM Honda sides, Enkei PFO1’s, the motor is from a Civic Type R, yes that means CTR engine, and tranny, and coils are top secret!

Now, you may have noticed the same name shows up in both photos, “Tony Stark.” Yep, Iron Man lives in Chicago and shoots photos when he isn’t saving the world. As a daily, Iron Man drives a Civic while his R8 is for fancy parties only haha

Yea…Dope right? CE28’s, and lots of Low!

So there it is, like em?

Mico’s Blog and Nick’s blog is on my Blogroll now, Mico runs Geeky Lurv and Nick(along with friends) run CrazuKnights.



~ by dasis300 on February 21, 2011.

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