Had to Do It

So…..if you read my blog, (If you don’t, just keep reading) should know about my good blog buddy RA64Freddy

The man has a strange infatuation with the RA64 Celica(Probably because actually owns one)

I found 2 pictures that might please the RA64 fan…and Freddy

A Privateer’s RA64, and this is in the US

And best of all, an RA64 on WIDE Watanabe’s with a bike rack and a FIXIE!

Is it just me or is the RA64 chassis actually getting popular?


~ by dasis300 on February 1, 2011.

4 Responses to “Had to Do It”

  1. nice post Hasan…but that Blue Celica is rocking Rota Rbs…they look like Watanabes

  2. The ROTA design has 4 spokes from the center of the wheel and on the bottom; while a Watanabe RS wheel has 3 from the center of the wheel, 3 on the bottom and two on the side.



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