Never Forget

the Ones that started the 180sx game

Yoshinori Koguchi

His old black 180sx, Hot Road Aero, Racing Service/Koguchi Power Hood, Blitz Z2’s are the wheels, 180sx Kouki Spoiler

Then this, His current D1 Car

2.2L SR, BN Sports Type IV aero, Koguchi Power Front and rear Overs, Abflug Headlights, C-West Mirrors, Koguchi Power GT Wing, G-Grow smoked 180SX Kouki Taillights

And lastly, his girlfriend’s car

GT1 Aero all around, Nismo LMGT4’s, Koguchi Power Hood, and Front and Rear Overs as well

Also, can’t forget this car

Sexy Knights/Show Up Asahi 180sx

Sexy Style aero all around, very rare Panasport C5CIIR’s in 17×9 + 0 offset, rear wheels i don’t know.

These two people really have changed the 180sx(or 240sx) game. and…these cars were built WAAAAAAAAY before 2006, Koguchi’s black and red D1 car were built from way back in 2003. and his cars STILL look good today.

Take notes, and enjoy

And lastly, remember….NO SEXY? NO LIFE!


~ by dasis300 on November 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “Never Forget”

  1. I’ve been busting my ass trying to find pictures of Koguchi’s black 180SX, the famous video on youtube made me discover the drifting game aswell as the JDM culture. This car started it all seconded by the S13 Pickup from team orange when it was still blue.

  2. […] reader, Yogihugo asked for some more pictures of Koguchi’s black 180SX, so […]

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