Can you believe?

So…..guess who is maker of this car

YEP! Mercedes Benz! Famous for their big v8 4 door saloon’s and cars that park themselves. Yes, this car is actually a Concept from the 1970’s called the C111. The engine, believe it or not is not a V8, V6, or even a 4 Cylinder. This car…is powered by a rotary! This car was a test mule made by Benz to find out if a rotary car made sense to mass produce.

Gullwing doors and all.

The car was never put into production. The car was put through numerous tests, high speed tests, mpg tests, the car even went racing(with a turbo rotary built by AMG). BUT the Rotary Engine was deemed insufficient and the concept was X’d out and was never heard of again.

So there you have it. Mazda wasn’t the only car manufacturer that tried out the Rotary Motor.  Funny enough…Mercedes tried the Rotory BEFORE Mazda did. HAH!


~ by dasis300 on October 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Can you believe?”

  1. Love the rear of this car!
    Saw this car on a car show in Germany last year =)

    Many more car manufacturers tried rotary engine’s before Mazda 😉
    NSU, Citroen and i think some more but can’t remember wich those are.

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