I’d like to take a minute to talk conversions

And what I mean is when a person take a car(in this case a 240sx) and puts a different front end on it, usually from a later year or even an entirely different car

I want to focus on the MOST hideous conversion(but it gets better)

You take a regular 240SX, Coupe (Vertex Demo car BTW)

or Hatch (Koguchi Power 180SX BTW)

and you replace the front end with that of the later model S14 Kouki (BN Sports Kitted Kouki BTW)

It’s called the S13.4

It has NEVER EVER been done correctly, until I saw this car and my mind was changed immediately. Not only did he do the conversion, but he got aero that complemented the whole car!

It’s called the NvrSlo S13.4. Blacked out with subtle graphics and on some White as the light Gramlights, and a sound that would make you shiver.

Oh yes! Are you scared? I sure am!


~ by dasis300 on September 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “NvrSlo”

  1. Yeah that car is awesome!
    Found some pics of it but not these, thanks 🙂
    Love this one aswell:

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