History Lesson – Infinity M30

Alright, like I promised, one last history lesson for the week

The M30, like i mentioned earlier is based off the old Nissan Skyline R30. Nissan made the M30 quickly so they can enter it into the US market to fight the Cressida and the older Lexus LS and GS

The car came from the factory with a VG30E (yes the old Z31 motor) which only produced like 162 hp in stock form?(this is an exagerated number, think more towards 120-130hp)

It’s based off the Nissan Leopard. and when I mean based off, i mean Nissan took the Leopard, made it LHD, replaced the Engine, and put it on sale in the US.

It was a very rush job, and the car came into the 90’s with a very square look. no real angles. As you can see, it wasn’t something you would take a double take at

But there was hidden potential. It took a long time, but people finally discovered that an RB motor(Skyline) or even the Dual Cam Turbo VG30DET with relative ease. once that was discovered, the floodgates opened for the tuning world. This oddly shaped car is now a rising star for Tuning.

For me, i like the car with it’s OEM Aero, maybe with the optional lip kit like this


You could go for the full on drifter look with ease like so

Either way you did it, the M30 was a definate cool car in my opinion, and it’s just like the old Cressida. Mundane, Boring but somehow RWD haha



~ by dasis300 on September 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “History Lesson – Infinity M30”

  1. what body kit is being used on the black m30 in the bottom

  2. custom fitted S13

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