Nissan GT-R

We all have seen them, either in magazines or even in real life. they look amazing and sound awesome. But, I’m not just talking about the R32,R33,and the R34

This is an R32

What I am actually referring to is the FIRST GT-R Datsun(NISSAN) made. There was no R3x name given to the car. Code name was PGC-10, and KPGC-10(meaning Hardtop)

Equipped with Nissan’s famous race motor, the Prince, S20. Straight 6, DOHC, 6 Throttle Setup, 160hp at 7000rpm and the motor only weighed 439LBS, yes this is a real motor from 1970

It looked mean as hell and took Nissan to the next level. Nicknamed the Hakosuka GT-R (meaning “Box Skyline”)

The car you see behind the white GT-R in the last two pics is also a GT-R but it’s the later version known as the C110 or “Kenmari” this car started the Round Taillight look that all modern GT-R’s have


~ by dasis300 on September 10, 2010.

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